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Fire safety according to TECO
Starting from its extensive experience in Germany, where safety devices are compulsory since the ‘90s, TECO has developed and certified simple, automatic and reliable safety components. With a minimal investment, Teco was able to remarkably improve the safety level of the gas network.

In particular, it developed TECO FIREBAG®; safety devices to prevent explosion hazards. Indeed, in the event of fire, the network’s gas leaks feed the flames and may cause explosions in case of critical gas accumulation in the environments. FIREBAG® thermo-activated safety device is enabled automatically, blocking the gas flow when the temperature of the device reaches 100°C, thus stopping the gas leak, with function up to 650°C for 30 minutes. This feature gives enough time for rescue or assistance operations.

FIREBAG® are safety devices integrated to shut-off and meter valves, minimizing the space occupied and boosting the performances of the same shut-off valve, which becomes a passive safety device of the installation.

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Thermo-activated device


FIREBAG® is made of an external steel body and a thermal sensitive device.
When the external temperature of  95°-100°C is reached, the metallic alloy, that holds the shutter to the cartridge, melts and the spring’s compression force projects the shutter against the gas conduit hole closing it completely.

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Technical datasheet FireBag®
DIN 3586 DIN 3586
TAE Series certified
Reference Norms
Operating pressureMOP 5 (MOP 16*)
Operating temperature-20°C +60°C
Intervention Temp100°C -5K
ConnectionsThreaded EN 10226-1
Flanged DIN 2501 PN16
ISO 7005-2 PN16
Fields of use
for all types of gas as specified in
EN 437 and DVGW G260/1
(Methane, Butane,Propane)
Heat resistance HTB GT5 650°C x 60’
 *MOP only for flanged versions with specific kit MS2

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Applied technologies FireBag®

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